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The Roque


Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design, The Roque represents the first piece in the COFO collection. Featuring a laser-cut steel frame with electroplated finish, fine Canadian wood, and Italian wool cloth.

We’re proud to announce that The Roque has been nominated for a 2019 German Design Award.


    Take The Roque for a spin. We think you’ll find it beautiful from every angle.

    The back is Canadian Flat White Oak with an ebonized, hand-stained finish.

    The frame is constructed from cold-rolled steel, which is laser-cut and welded. We finish with a satin polish in brushed black.

    The cushion is made from organic latex and multi-layered high-density foam, covered in premium Italian melton wool cloth for a felt-like feel.


    Imagine The
    Chair in
    your space


    It's all
    about the
    best materials
    and construction.

    Designed by


    Trish is a Toronto-based designer and recent interior design graduate. Born in the Philippines, she believes that Canadian design, much like Canada, is all about bringing cultures together. She finds inspiration in Japanese and Scandinavian work. Trish is fascinated with the influence that design has on the human psyche, and how cross-disciplinary skillsets can help to hone her craft. This chair represents our first collaboration.


    Once my design was selected, I worked closely with the team to figure out the best ways to bring my vision to life; from materials to construction.


    We problem solved, we revised, and we kept going until everyone was happy. And we weren’t afraid to go back to the drawing board.

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