NEW NORMAL – How will we transform our spaces and balance design with safety?


We’ve spent a lot of our time zoom chatting about what the ‘new normal’ of consumer spaces is going to look and feel like when we begin leaving our homes post COVID-19. I’m receiving endless emails from suppliers offering cheap, disposable, act-fast solutions for a variety of conditions. Are we doomed for a life of plastic between each other? How are restaurants, gyms, hotels, or retailers of any kind going to manage the balance of design and safety?

Here are a few concepts we’ve considered. We love the idea utilizing a planter to add ballast and a touch of green to any space. The panels could be glass, felt, acrylic, etc. Laser-cut patterns could also be integrated.

Restaurant / Dining

Office / Work

POS Conditions


Your brand identity should be considered with the safety of your patrons. If you have a need for solutions like this in your spaces or projects, reach out! We would love to work with you to find a solution that fits your unique space.

Stay safe!