What is

We co-found and co-produce the best in new, Canadian home furnishing design.

we do

COFO partners with emerging Canadian designers to see their ideas realized, produced and authentically brought to market. Our mission is to give back to the design community by featuring Canadian design at home and around the world.



New designers imagine stunning home furnishings.


We curate and prototype our favourites.


We give the designer a percentage from each sale made from our online store.


They submit their original designs to the COFO Design Challenge.


We craft each piece using premium materials and cover all production costs.

Meet the

The Cofounders

Desmond Chan

Desmond Chan

Desmond is a creative leader with over 20 years of brand building and product design experience. He has applied multiple skillsets to the fashion design, street wear, outdoor and sporting goods industries. He loves to infuse brands with fresh, authentic ideas and experiences. Des has a passion for the outdoors, travel, and making anything from scratch.

Randy Simmen

Randy Simmen

Randy is a passionate creative with over 10 years’ experience in retail manufacturing, including collaborations with premium retail outlets like Nordstrom, Hermes and J.Crew. He works tirelessly with designers for manufacturing and creative solutions that realize ideas without compromise. Randy has passion for creating music, art and design.