COFO Design Submissions Review Update

What’s up creative people!

We’ve reviewed all design submissions and on Wednesday, we met with Karen Kang (National Director of IDS) and Tory Healy (DESIGNLINES – Editor in Chief).

With a few drinks, some tasty bites from True True Pizza, and an open mind for all things possible, we were able to unwind and enjoy an evening of inspiration courtesy of some incredible up-and-coming talents.

Not only were we impressed by the submissions, we were dazzled by the invaluable insights that both Karen and Tory shared with us.

Together, with their extensive knowledge of the industry, constructive insights and acute attention to details, we hashed through all submissions. Now, we’ve selected our finalists for the F18 Debut collection!

Thank you, Karen and Tory, for making the time, sharing your thoughts and opinions, and believing in COFO!

Go time!
Des + Randy