Doob Tube

designed by COFO Design


Natural Brass

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Made with 100% brass and offered in natural brass, high gloss white and high gloss black. Designed to ensure your doob ‘ s stay safe and keep the smell inside, the o-right ‘pop’ cap feature is both enjoyable to ‘pop’ open and functional. Its timeless design will fit in anywhere in your home, pocket, or back pack.

  • Machined from solid brass with a hand polished finish
  • Finished with a premium eco-friendly high gloss powder coat
  • Knurled pop-off top with smell proof air tight o-ring gasket
  • Laser etched COFO + EM logo application
  • Dimensions: 4.5”L x 5/8” D
  • Made in Toronto, Canada
  • 100% Solid Brass

Knurled pop-off top with air tight o-ring gasket

A Joint Venture.


Dimensions: 4.5''L x 5/8''

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